Dear Parents ,

As Camp Directors since 1996, we realize that finding a camp can be a daunting task. We created this website to give you information and to assist you in offering the best summer camp experience for your child.

Historically, summer camps have been an American institution since the early 1900's. In the early days camp was all about getting youngsters out of city life and enjoying the clean cool air of the country while learning camping skills. 

Today, summer camp has progressed from campfires to computer screens and from nature trails to rollerblade rinks. In fact, many of today's camp programs take place in the heart of the city.

Even with all those changes, the essence of the purpose of summer camp remains unchanged. Children still need to use their summer break in a healthy, productive way. A good summer camp not only teaches skills but is equally concerned with a child's growth and maturity. Using a fun and relaxed environment, a camp helps families by developing a child's capacities for self confidence, self esteem, independence, leadership, mutual understanding and making friends. These life skills are the part of camp experience that last a lifetime.


Getting Started with Summer CampThe American Camp Association (an organization that accreditates summer camps gives us figures that suggest that families are rediscovering the benefits summer camp provides. Nationally, nearly 12,000 summer camp programs exist with nearly 8 million children participating in some sort of camp.

Although today's traditional general interest summer camp continues to be a strong force in our industry, there are special interest camps available to fit just about every specific area of interest. One can find camps that specialize in football, soccer, tennis, computer, rollerblading, space, academics, traveling, weight loss, nature, world peace, art, and much more.

There is wide variation in cost, with camp prices to suit almost every budget. Generally, programs run by organizations like churches and YMCA/YWCA tend to be less expensive than private or independent summer camp. Local government agencies such as city and county parks are the most reasonable. Day camps can range from $200 to $1000 per week, while overnight experiences range from $400 to $1200 per week.

Clearly, no single camp meets the needs of all children. Choosing the right summer camp for your child should be a matter of careful research. We hope that his website will help you prepare and give you assistance in making this summer your child's best summer yet.